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저와(XXX.Xxx Xxx) 제동생은(XXX. Xxx Xxx)  어머니인 (XXX, Xxx Xxx)과 함께

이번에 토론토 교육청(TDSB) 소속의  공립학교로 유학을 가게되었습니다

원래 계획은 1년반을 토론토에서 지내는것인데 ,

저희가 아직 어리고 아버지가 혼자 한국에서 지내는 것때문에  일단은

한학기만 등록을 하였습니다

하지만 저희들만 잘 적응하면 남은 1년도 계속해서 토론토에서 공부를하고 싶습니다

그래서 이렇게 학생비자를 신청하게 되었습니다

저와 제 동생이 토론토에서 잘 공부하고, 어머님이 저희를 마음놓고잘 돌봐줄수있도록

비자 승인을 부탁드립니다


Dear Immigration Officer:


I, XXX, XxxXxx, will be studying as an international student this upcoming school year along with my sister, XXX, XxxXxx; our mother, XXX, XxxXxx will be accompanying.  Our original plan was to spend a year and a half studying in Toronto but we have registered for one term for now due to the fact that I am still young and my father will be living alone in Korea. 

However, if my sister and I adjust well during the term, we both would like to remain one more year to study in Toronto after the first term thus we are submitting an application for a study permit. 

I ask for your kind consideration in approving our applications for the study permit so that my sister and I would be able to study and our mother would be able to stay in Toronto without any concerns. 



Thank you.




XXX, Xxx Xxx