(영문에쎄이) Family Connections

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It does not matter what things you have, it matters what memories you keep”.



My parents are first-generation immigrants from Romania. The stories that they have shared with me about their childhood have always intrigued me. When I found out that my parents and I were going to Romania to meet my extended family when I was turning 6 years old, I was very excited.


My first flight to Romania was a long one. We were going to the capital city, Bucharest. My dreary eyes looked out of the airplane window. The scenery was magnificent. I observed forests, plains, farmlands and mountains. Upon landing, my parents and I finally got to a hotel and fell into a much needed sleep.


The next day my parents and I went exploring and I discovered that Romania was gorgeous! There were smells of delicious foods that I could practically taste in the air. I could see marvelous architecture all around me. After discovering the city, we went to visit my paternal grandmother to celebrate my sixth birthday. My paternal grandmother lives in a rural area near a forest and the drive to her house took about 90 minutes from Bucharest.


My grandma had made me a chocolate cake that said “Happy Birthday” on it. Seeing all my relatives there, including my cousins, my grandma, my aunt, my uncle and my great-uncle singing for me, made my heart jump with joy. This is when I had my turning point. I had five other birthdays with plenty of gifts and none of them made me feel so overjoyed. Then I realized that it does not matter what things you have, it matters what memories you keep. I knew that I would never forget this memory. When we left Romania, I did not just notice the scenery: I also noticed the love and memories kept in it.


Anthony is an 11 year old boy in grade 6. He lives with his parents, and he doesnt have any siblings. Playing the piano and skiing are some important activities in Anthonys life. He was born in Calgary, Alberta but he has an enormous extended family in Romania. Anthony would like to someday be a scientist or a pianist.