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“Becoming a Leader from Within”
Steven Deneff(gr6)

At the South Fish Creek arena, I was waiting for the coaches to say, “Game Time”. Our coach started to
announce that our team needs leadership. I was shaking, hoping that I could be an Assistant Captain.
When two other of my teammates were chosen, I knew I wouldn’t be selected to be Captain. The
dressing room was silent and everyone was nervous. When the coach announced that I would be my team
Captain, I almost jumped off the bench with excitement.

   My teammates were calm, but I could sense that they were a little down. Soon enough, my new nickname
was “Cap”. I stepped onto the clean, cold ice and took my spot on defense. Thoughts were racing through
my head, such as: “I must prove myself”. The referee’s whistle pierced the air with its loud scream. The puck
dropped and the pressure was on. My heart raced, knowing that I had to play my best.

  Over the last month, being Captain of my hockey team has affected my playing style, as well as the way
I interact with my teammates and coaches. Now when I play, I always skate as fast as I can and I never give
up. However, the most significant change is how I play when we’re losing. When our team starts losing, my
teammates have a tendency to start giving up, while I on the other hand, go harder and try to encourage my
team. At every game I always shake hands with the opposing teams’ coaches. Sometimes it’s hard to not be
negative, but I always catch myself and think positive.

  Now I finally understand the true meaning of leadership. Leadership isn’t about being the boss or being
first in line; it’s about never giving up and sticking up for your companions. I have learned all those lessons
and I will never let them go. This experience has changed me a lot and has shaped the way I think,act and
live. To this day I’m still Captain and I will always live by the leadership lessons I have gained.

Steven is a proud Canadian 11 year old who lives in Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys camping and writing. Steven plays Pee Wee hockey and is currently the captain of his team. He is also part of a Scout Troop. Steven likes to make people laugh and he loves to read and play video games. His dream is to become an author that writes murder mysteries.