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Raw Footage

Natalee Veisi(gr6)

“There is no use whatever trying to help people who
do not help themselves. You cannot push anyone
up a ladder unless he is willing to climb himself.”
– Andrew Carnegie-

Memories are snippets of the past, resembling reels of film constantly rolling in one’s head. They can
never be deleted and we sometimes fantasize about what we could’ve done to alter their outcomes.
Some memories bring joy and are to be cherished. Others inflict pain, existing as a nightmare
for eternity.

  Whether I like it or not, scenes of my film have already been shot, and it isn’t always easy to watch
the footage.

  Months ago, I began spending a lot more time hiding out in the depths of my room. I refused to take
part in family dinners, and the soap operas my parents and I used to watch in the living room. We rarely
spoke anymore.

  When we did talk, it was an argument; each side disagreeing with almost everything that came their way.
During our nastiest battles, doors were slammed, objects were thrown and words I thought I’d never hear
were said. No, not said -- yelled.

  Tears pricked at my eyes, like the thorns of a stem delicately slitting into one’s flesh. I’d bite my lips in
hopes of muting the sobs threatening to escape my throat.

  I remember running upstairs, crawling underneath the covers and hugging my phone. Never before had
I felt so frail. My hesitant fingers would tap the screen sending distress signals to the two people who have
also fought in these trenches; my sisters.

  Seconds later, I received word stating everything would be fine.

  I can’t imagine what it took for him to say, with pure venom in his tone, “I wish you weren’t mine.” Had
I pushed my own father that far, allowing an angry side of him to completely devour the one I loved?

  It was at that moment where I hoped my movie would end, but I needed to move on.

  I’d been taught to forgive and forget my entire life. The problem with the duo is that they don’t always
mix. Anyone can forgive; it’s easy. However, the effort it takes to forget is worth a lifetime.

  I’ve forgiven, as did they. I’m just hoping I can forget.

Twelve-year-old Natalee Bryanna Veisi currently lives with her parents in Toronto, Ontario. She relishes athletics and participates in a diversity of sports, including track. She aspires to complete a triathlon in her upcoming years. Natalee also enjoys listening to music, and she is well-known for the bands she venerates. She takes an interest in writing, as well, and despite her young age, Natalee is inclined to leave her mark in the world of literature.